Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nothing Is Constant Except Change

Welcome to the newly created Connected Concepts blog. If you arrived here through one of our many search engine reference links to an earlier Internet web page, we certainly hope that you will take a few minutes to look around and discover what we have to offer in this evolutionary re-design. After reading this introductory article, you probably will want to go to the Subject Area Index article to find those subjects for which you are most interested.

After 10 years of publishing ideas and approaches to determining business problem areas and approaches to addressing and implementing solutions to those problem areas, we wanted to give our previous website a new look. More importantly we wanted to integrate the ability for our readers to be able to interact
with us concerning the concepts presented in our articles through comments . Additionally, with the steady growth of our TallGrassRadio Studios media group, as a producer of graphics and animation for enhanced business communications, we have the opportunity to direct some of their capabilities toward enhancing our own business and marketing communications. TGRS was created to provide the additional services of producing graphical and animated content for our clients to assist them in their confidential inter-organizational communications of concepts and ideas. TGRS combines humor and visualization to enhance our client's business operations during times of change and the implementation of new operational paradigms. Although most of the work done by TGRS is highly proprietary and confidential, we will now be utilizing their experience to better communicate concepts and approaches in these articles.

As this article's title states, there is nothing that is more constant than change. We hope that you will find these new articles, about approaches to elevating your performance while reducing your costs, to be interesting and informative. And we hope that you will find this changed format of presentation to be both entertaining and effective.